RESEARCH: Mosquitoes always bite the first

Once again, the Norwegian Centre for Interpersonal Relations has researched topics most of us are interested in. This time, the center has found the answer to why some are tormented more often by tired mosquitoes than others

The answer
is horny
Extensive research shows that the mosquito goes after those people who are struggling with the diagnosis of extreme hornyness”says Bjørn-Are Upward Hill to eAvisa. This means, in other words, that the mosquito is attracted by the virile-creating drug “Errukaat” that some of us have more of than others. “Yes that’s right. We’ve figured this out so this is true.” says the researcher

Same with
The same rule also applies to wasps. Yeswasps and mosquitoes are attracted to the same drug so if you are a person you are usually bitten mass by both mosquitoes and waspssays the researcher. The same also applies to Tuneflye, Dragonfly, Hai and Gjedde. Good summer

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