RESEARCH: 58% of all driving in Norway are men who need a break from acidic cohabitants and children with whooping cough

At the National Centre for Interpersonal Relations, they found this week that as many as 58% of all driving in Norway could have been avoided if women were not so angry all the time. “In Norway there are over 7,000 men who are running around at any given time to get a break from life with their family” researcher Raymond Bolle Cabbage told eAvisa while he is out driving

Whooping cough and yellowing
It’s not just angry and cranky women who make the men drive pointlessly around in traffic. Also, young children and especially babies should take their share of the blame. “Men with young children where whooping cough, gulping and constant nagging are also the case also get most Norwegian men into traffic”, says the researcher who tells that he drives around in traffic 2-3 hours every day

Says he’s
going to do something important.
Men also often use the same excuses when going out driving. “Yesmost people say they have to go to work for a walk, in the store or to fix some important papers,” he says. “The advantage of the men often fleeing away from the cohabitant is that the vast majority of women find it very delicious when the man is out for a few hours. It’s simply a win-win situation“he says.

What do you mean? If you are a man then turn in to the page and write your opinion in the comments

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