Here are 16 of the world’s worst wedding cakes

Weddings are, as a rule, one of the most memorable days of life. A day where planning has been long and usually very expensive. For the bride it is perhaps the biggest day of a long life and the expectations are therefore naturally great. A big part of a successful wedding is, of course, the wedding cake. Here are some amazing wedding cakes everyone wants at their wedding… or will they?

1. We start a little cautiously:

15 Worst Wedding Cake Disasters

2. What’s the idea here?

32 Of The Worst Wedding Cake Disasters. People Seriously Tried These!

3. Okay, could well have been done differently?


4. Insecure to say what was the idea here…

5. Vegan wedding cake:


6. Special message. The man must feel lucky…

7. Cozy message on the big day:

8. The downfall of the world and zombies there:

9. Worse wedding cake than this is going to be hard to imagine?

10th Yes, here was perhaps one that was worse:

11. Bride and wedding cake there:

12. Here we had demanded the money back actually:


13. I guess it’s no sadder than this:

And while the minimalist 'WI-style' sponge trend shows no sign of going away, these three very basic tiers are rather sad looking

14. A long and happy marriage with alcohol:

One cake displays a couple's love at Smirnoff vodka

15. Do you see the special thing with this cake?

And one has the letters PMS crafted painstakingly into the sugarwork - which will hold unfortunate connotations of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome for many women

16. Funny or just harry?

Another bizarre cake simply states 'Be My Vagina Forever'

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