GOVERNMENT WARNS: You don’t need to stock up on puzzles. There are enough puzzles for everyone

As most of us Norwegians now sit in imposed or self-imposed quarantine, the puzzle shops are now a huge go-ahead. People stockpil puzzles like crazy ones. Yesterday, more than 1 million puzzles were sold in Oslo alone. Government now goes out and discourages hamstring of puzzle

Enough puzzle
for everyone
Of course, at the Trade Association for Board Games and Puzzles, you are thrilled by the increasing sales of puzzles. “We see that we make ridiculous amounts of money, but we don’t lack puzzles. Norway have good routines for the production of puzzles and we right now have several million puzzles in stock” says puzzle-manager Knut Åge Pusling to eAvisa

Cabin motif
most popular
eAvisa has gained access to the sales statistics and can see that there are puzzles for those aged 25-45 years with cottage motifs that sell clearly best. In 3 and 4 place we find puzzles for the age group 2-4 years. “Yes, not surprisingly, it is the cabin motif that is most popular these days. Now it’s almost Easter so there are plenty of people with cottages struggling these times” says Knut Åge Pusling

The government’s speech is clear; “We want everyone to get puzzles. Think solidarity and limit the number of puzzles per household” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg

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