It’s about Christmas. Today, THE Christmas Marzipan finally arrives in the store

August 28 is christmas marzipan again

Summer is finished and Christmas is finally just around the corner. Now all chocolate producers are reporting that the Christmas Marsil will appear as planned in the grocery stores on August 5. “Yesnow people should not have to wait longer”says product manager at Hai chocolate factory Sjonkel Skumbjørnar in a press release

People want it.
We know that people are impatient when it comes to implementing the Christmas celebrations so we respect this of course,”says the product manager. He hopes the Christmas tree shops and not least the Christmas channel Klem fm follow up and start the Christmas spirit. “It’s the fact that it’s christmas we sell the most Christmas candy so now we just have to get started,”he says as he smiles. He is convinced that people have been looking forward greatly over the summer holidays for Christmas balls and Christmas Marzipan to appear in stores in August

Photo result for Christmas Marsilpan

Finally in store: After a little somling, the chocolate factories in Norway can now report that the Christmas Marzipan will finally be found on store shelves. On August 28, the shelves are full of the good chocolate that creates the lovely Christmas spirit.

More calls to Eavisa
An anonymous reader of Eavisa (named Britt Krokbøtte Vreid) and over 2,000 more people have called in a whopping 6,584 times and requested Christmas candy last week. Or as Britt said in the last phone call; “Where’s that fucking Christmas Marsil a, starting to get pissed i ass?“. Yes, we can please Britt that now comes the good marzipan that creates the good feeling of Christmas, jesus and bells.


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