Dog looks forward to sniffing a LOT of ass when this Corona nonsense is done

It’s not just people who experience little contact with their own race. Dogs have also been forced to bypass humans in recent weeks. That’s why many dogs are now starting to look forward to smelling the butt of other dogs as soon as Corona is done

Miss all kinds of ass
Max-Igor is a 5-year-old Schafer who in recent weeks has mostly been in prison with his owners and has been aired in the garden. “I haven’t seen a single dog and haven’t sniffed a single dog in my ass”says Max-Igor despairingly. He misses all dog-asses and is looking forward to the first day in the park with lots of other dogs. “I’m going to sniff a lot of butt to put it that way”he says

Can’t stand it
Another dog eAvisa has spoken to says that she can’t wait to meet other dogs so she can sniff them in the ass again. “I can’t stand it, this is absolutely horrible, I haven’t sniffed another dog in the ass for many weeks”says the dog who wants to remain anonymous for the sake of the family

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