BREAKING NEWS: Trump stops corona-testing sick to reduce infected

The slight senile and narcissistic president of the United States, Donald Trump now wants to end all testing of sick Americans. In this way, he will reduce the number of Corona-infected so that the rest of the world stops fussing about the ever-increasing trend of corona-infected Americans. It’s the only way, says Trump

Will close hospitals
In addition to stopping all Corona testing, Trump will also close several hospitals. “It is a fact that there are many Corona patients in the hospitals of the United States. By closing these hospitals we will be able to reduce the overview of the infected and as a natural consequence of this, the statistics of Corona-infected people will race downwards” said the president from the pulpit last night

Tired of China disease
Moreover, Trump pointed out that there must now be an end to all the fuss about Corona. Trump referred to the virus as China disease and said all the facts show it’s China that coughed first. “It’s pure logic, China coughed already in December 2019, I don’t need more evidence than that,”Trump said. Now the president will concentrate on running intimidation propaganda and division towards the US election on November 3, 2020


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