BREAKING NEWS: Summer is over. Snow is falling across the country next week.

Now the summer is over. As of next week, freezing temperatures, wind and snowfall have been reported, according to eAvisa weather expert Gudmund Solstad. “Thespecial thing about the first snowfall of the year is that all municipalities in the country will get some snow”predicts the weather expert. He can further tell that it will be a cold and wet autumn that we have not seen before in at least 487 years

Freezing temperatures across
the country
Furthermore, the comprehensive weather analysis states that it could be down to as much as 15 degrees celsius in the areas around Gnurevoldsbygda and Oslo. Already Monday the first snow falls and out towards the afternoon on Tuesday, in addition to extensive snow, also shotgun, blow small storm as well as fall rimmfrost in further areas. In other words, it’s going to be real in-weather.

Should last for 4 months
The abrupt arrival of winter weather should not last more than 4 months. “We see that in December there may be some less snow and that the fierce wind could possibly dampen itself a little”,says weather expert Solstad. Police, on the other hand, now advise everyone to change to winter tyres before snow slumps night to Monday. “The snow always comes as a surprise to us Norwegians so now it’s time to put on winter tires” recommends Police Chief Kai Kakkadue all eAvisa’s readers

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