DOCTOR POINTS OUT: There is no scientific evidence that childbirth is painful

Doctor and father raymond presserud has worked with howling women all their lives. Raymond is a father of earth and welcomes children several times a week. He has for many years suspected that women are greatly exaggerating birth pain to get more attention. “It is a typical psychological reaction that the mother is afraid that the child will get more attention and therefore pretend to have pain associated with the birth”, he says

No evidence that it is painful
The child who is also a trained doctor says that there is actually no single evidence that childbirth should provoke pain in the woman. “No nothing. It’s weird. The only indication that this is painful is the woman’s complaining. When we know how much women complain about everything else, it’s highly realistic to think that the complaining they’re fussing about childbirth is only female-whining and not actual pain.” says doctor

More women confirm
After talking to the doctor, eAvisa has contacted several women who have experienced childbirth. Many of them confirm what the doctor suggests; In fact, it’s not that painful to give birth. “It’s more of a thing we women exaggerate a little to make the man feel guilty or do more. I actually didn’t hurt at all, but because of a little howling and assumed anger during childbirth, my husband is still more helpful 1 year after giving birth” says a woman who wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons

“It’s a shame women time and time again are exposed with exaggerating and manipulating, but we are by no means surprised”concludes the renowned doctor

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