BREAKING NEWS: More and more parents want to adopt their kids quickly

After weeks of quarantine, adoption agencies Norway are now marking a fierce influx of parents who want to adopt their children. “There is simply little or no interest among Norwegian parents to be with their children 24 hours a day” says adoption manager Bente Give Away Barnadine to eAvisa

Everyone wants urgent
Common to all the inquiries that come in is that the vast majority of parents want to adopt their children as soon as possible. “Yeswe have mothers who say they can’t take another hour with their children and want us to find a suitable adoption family as quickly as possible”she says

Adopting away 3 children a day
We have long been prepared for this and have planned treatment so that we will on average manage to adopt away 3 children every day”says the adoption manager. “Whether this is sufficient we don’t know yet, but we have to ask parents to smear themselves with patience and put on the popular Disney movie Frost again”she says

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