BREAKING NEWS: Man killed by comments after being on holiday in Spain

A man in his 40s was killed on Wednesday morning by a comment section after posting pictures from his holiday in Spain. The comments section slowly but surely took the life of the man because the comments section meant he should not have gone on holiday to Spain. Now the police are warning Norwegians to travel to Spain. “It’s okay to stay inside so you don’t get killed” says police

Furious comments
The man who is famously described as somewhat selfish was first skin-braided by the comments section before the comments section killed the man. Police say an argument over whether or not to travel abroad started the argument between the man and the comments section. “The man is said to have provoked the comments so much that it eventually ended with the worst possible outcome”says police chief Roger Bastian Ronaldo by phone from Spain where he is currently on holiday

Other comments rules
According to secure sources, the comments section that killed the man has not been arrested. “No there are other rules that apply to comments. Neither heat, murder nor intimidation is a criminal offence in comments” says the commissioner who informs that in addition to being chief of police he is also engaged in loans. “Yes I lend money in comments every single day” he says while he sends us a link where we can borrow 3 million kroner to buy Bitcoin via a system that has made Petter Stordalen rich

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