BREAKING NEWS: Lars-Aleksander (46 years) offers butt wash for those who run out of toilet paper

Lars-Aleksander Fillebombom from Sarpsborg wants to participate in the national dugnaden. That’s why he now offers butt wash to all those who run out of toilet paper as a result of some retarded Norwegians having stockpiled 98 pallets of toilet paper

Will contribute to society
Lars-Aleksander normally works as an orange peeler in a fruit factory, but was laid off as a result of the Corona virus. Now he wants to help others who aren’t doing so well. “I have noticed that one of the biggest consequences of this virus is that Norwegians are terrified not to get dried up after toilet visits so that’s why I travel all over the Norway and wash the rump where needed”says the socially engaged man

Girls only,
not men
Although Lars-Aleksander is an everyday hero, he sets clear limits on who he wants to help. “Yes, I only help women aged 22-39 years,”he says. “Men and older women just get sick, that’s not what I do. I want to help everyone, but there are limits.” says Lars-Aleksander as he shows off his serpent.” Yes this is the pressure in”he smiles before running on to wash some

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