BREAKING NEWS: Infectious disease experts suspect corona virus came to Norway as early as 1349

Several infectious disease experts from Hordaland physical interest organization department East believe the Corona virus has been in Norway for many centuries already. Infection and wet room expert Lars Flis Gulv tells eAvisa that there is evidence that the virus came to Norway as early as 1349

Many were
We see from the history books that many felt the uggs as early as 1349. Then there were many who coughed and many who died actually” says Lars Flis Gulv. He thus believes that Corona has come to stay and that one no longer needs to lock himself in. “No, get out. Cut hair, drink beer and cough as normal” he smiles

Helps with waffle batter
The same experts who believe that the virus was here already in 1349 also believe that waffle batter can help against Corona. “Yes, not fried waffles, but unsung waffles we see we have clear advantages when it comes to fighting the Corona virus,” says Lars Flis Gulv’s assistant who works 50% at Lars Flis Gulv and 50% with his cousin who is doing ready-made waffles. “Great waffles”he concludes

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