BREAKING NEWS: Employees in the municipality thrive with the home office. Makes no difference when “working”

Employees in Norway’s municipalities work largely from the Home Office during the day. The reason is basically for infection control considerations, but as no one really notices the difference it is now suggested that all local government employees continue to “work” from the Home Office throughout the year

The norwegian municipal administration sector writes in a press release to eAvisa that the last few weeks have been very positive for all employees in the municipal sector across the country. “We don’t notice any difference. The staff play solitaire and put people on hold as well from the Home Office as they do from the office” says head of department Bjørn Trost Grevling to eAvisa

May never come back
The head of the department goes on to say that he will not be surprised if local government employees continue to “work” from the Home Office forever. “Yes as it looks now it is only a waste of resources that those who “work” in the municipality should drive back and forth when the “job” they are supposed to do can really be done from the bed” concludes the department manager from bed…. ehhh home office.

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