BREAKING NEWS: Cohabiting couples still haven’t been bored enough to have sex

A cohabiting couple from Fjottfjord tells eAvisa in an interview that they still have not had any kind of sex even though they have spent 4 weeks in quarantine in their 49 sqm apartment. “We somehow don’t have interest, there’s still a lot to see on your phone”says Ann-Zathan in a comment

Boring, but not so boring
She goes on to say that neither she nor her husband have thought about having sex even though in practice they are locked up together 24 hours a day. “No we have Netflix, the phone and a Donald pocket from 1983 so we’ll be all right,” she says. However, she opens the possibility that it can be sex if this quarantine situation lasts for many months. “We’ll see”she says

Don’t really talk either.
The man who doesn’t say much in the interview seems very busy on his mobile. “Yes he’s 24 hours a day on that mobile, he says he talks to comrades, but I don’t know I”says Ann-Zathan. She goes on to say that they don’t really talk much either. “It’s best that way, it’s just bickering,”she says. “AGREE!” Her husband responds from the couch as he stares intensively at his mobile

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