BREAKING NEWS: All the world’s Corona experts agree that this is going well or that this is going really wrong

There is great agreement among the world’s Corona experts. After many months of discussions, it seems that they all agree on one thing; This is going well or it doesn’t. “The most important thing now is that we wait and see. Yes and that we continue to wash our hands” experts say

Can go
all the way
Since Corona is a brand new virus, experts agree that no one can really be an expert on the Corona virus. “It’s impossible to say, This can go all the way” corona expert Ole Utfor Bakke told eAvisa. He thinks the Corona situation is either now finished or that this isn’t even the start.

I don’t really know anything.
When it comes to vaccine, all the world’s experts have said that the vaccine will either come in the summer, next spring, at the earliest in 2022 or never. So that’s the way it is with that thing. Vaccine comes sooner or later or so it doesn’t come at all.

At least Corona has come to stay. Either that or so, it’ll soon go away.” concludes corona expert

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