BREAKING NEWS: Husband got beaten by wife after offering to babysit for own children

BODØ: Police in Bodø had to move to an address in Bodø on Thursday night after a man had offered to babysit his own children. “The man is severely bruised and has scratch marks on his face after a clearly infuriated wife who, for safety, also had her period” says Police Chief Ante Valente Bott

Furthermore, the police report states that the man has never been alone with his children despite being 4 and 7 years old respectively. “Itmay seem that the man has taken it as a matter of course that he should not look after his own children alone”says the commissioner. He says his wife is still angry and that his wife will have to spend time in custody until she finishes her period

Thought he
was nice.
The man now in the hospital thought he was kind when he offered to babysit his own children. “Yes the man is still shocked by the outcome. He thinks his wife should look at him as a good child father who offered to babysit” says the chief of police. He says his wife should now be calmed down and then driven to the psychiatric ward for women with an aggressive attitude

eAvisa follows the case and returns with a comprehensive interview with the wife who had her period

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