BREAKING NEWS: 6-year-old hospitalized in psychiatric after just 2 days in motorhome with rain and mother-in-law

What was supposed to be an unforgettable family holiday in the family’s brand new motorhome ended up being a true hell for the 43-year-old 6-year-old sigmund Borre Ræl from Ytre Bjønnsokkfjord. After an argument number 38 with mother-in-law, the very annoyed and tired family father ended up in the psychiatric ward after just 2 days holiday

Rainy weather day
It wasn’t the summer holiday the family had imagined. “It seemed like the rain was following us”tells the wife who is now sitting in the waiting room outside the closed ward where her husband is now lying for treatment. She says they had to be inside the camper for almost 2 days at a stretch. “It was me, our 6 girls, my mother and then Sigmund then”she says. The mother-in-law known for her passive-aggressive attitude was the one who made the cup tip over for her husband when she commented on his driving for the 48th time

The toilet got tight
As 6 of the 8 girls in the camper had their period at the same time, both the mood was very amper and the toilet went tight several times. Each time it was Sigmund who had to fix the dense toilet. “Yes he said it at least 18 times that we didn’t have to throw bandages and tampons in the bathroom so we might have listened to him,”says one daughter of 17 years. She, on the other hand, was cursed by the constant absent mobile coverage. “It was at times impossible to post pictures on Insta. FAAN” she says clearly frustrated. She still has her period

Going to
sell the motorhome
Sigmund and his wife, however, have now decided to sell the motorhome. “Yes, when it’s all right, it’s probably just as well that we get rid of it. Next year we’d rather rent a smaller cabin on the mountain where we can all enjoy ourselves together without driving around” she says while smiling insecurely and nervously

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