Are you considering adopting your children? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do it

It’s summer and Norway’ve just been through a spring that has required a lot of interaction with the kids. Anything too much, anyone will say. More and more parents are resorting to adoption as a solution to have more time to realize themselves. Simply get more alone time and more time to take care of themselves rather than demanding and selfish children who are essentially just a huge expense. But is it only positive to adopt away their children? Yes, most people will say, but we have made a list showing that there are not only positive consequences of getting rid of your children

1. Child support
When you get rid of your children, you also say goodbye to a number of entitlements to benefits. Child benefit, cash support and a number of other financial benefits as a result of having children. You simply get less revenue.

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2. A shoulder to cry on
Many parents use their children as therapy. When your new girlfriend turned out to be mean or when your mom won’t lend you more money, it’s good to use children as comfort. It’ll be completely gone if you adopt away.

Sometimes we reminisce over insignificant stuff that happened a...

3. Can
get bored
Even though most people are tired of their children it can quickly get boring if you get rid of them. When you’ve otherwise spent your days feeding, yelling, changing diapers and having a sore head, it just gets quiet days when you say goodbye to your kids. Can quickly get boring

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4. Less
As a result of children and all their requirements for activation, it is often the case that as parents you spend a lot of time driving and picking up. So it’s okay to think about that if you sell your kids then it will be much less driving. If you like driving, it’s stupid.

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5. Less contact
with in-laws
A natural consequence of adopting away is that your in-laws or your former children’s grandparents find you selfish. This means that you will not in all likelihood have as good contact with your current or former in-laws

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These are just some of the many reasons you should pay attention to before adopting away the children. Yes, there’s going to be a lot more time for holidays, careers, girlfriends and general cosiness, but are you really ready to lose child benefit? Think about and know that the vast majority of children move out when they are between 20-25 years old so that’s only 1/3 of your life. Maybe you should just put up with the egotists anyway. Whatever you choose, remember; it is you who is most important, it is you who will live your life. Not the kids. You! Take care of yourself first.

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