12 situations all boys with GIANT PENIS have experienced

Big penis can be challenging!

In recent research, it turns out that as many as 9 out of 10 girls prefer men with very large penises. That’s how it’s okay to keep your gear in order if you want a girlfriend. The problem is just that it’s not just positive with giant stick. On the contrary, there are a number of major challenges that come with having a giant stick:

1. When you are going to the bathroom, the big stick always falls into the water:

If it's not touching the bowl, it's touching the water. Public toilets? I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT.

2. You can never just run pee behind a tree. You need to take off your entire pants to bring out the elephant tube:

Unbuckle the belt, unbutton the pants, pull down.

3. You can never wear shorts without the sabelt tiger screaming to let out:

"Why must you suffocate me, heathen?!"

4. Impossible to conduct a conversation with a girl. For them, you’re just a wandering sex stick:

Yes, that is my penis. Thank you for watching.

5. Sex-bustle. You’ll never be at peace.

Or, if you're a back sleeper, maybe it's the full-sized blanket tent your penis just erected.

6. Regular boxers are nonsense. You need better equipment to take care of Gigantor:

Boxers are too loose, briefs are too tight (not to mention they can stretch into uselessness), and the waist-to-crotch ratio has to be just right. Compression shorts and pouch underwear are usually the way to go.

7. It is impossible to take push-ups without knocking your penis sledgehammer to the ground:

I guess it really is like a third leg, huh?

8. Running is very difficult without you stumbling into your women’s dream stick:

Thankful for the mesh, but even that doesn't always hold it in.

9. You can’t hug or dance with anyone unless they think you have an erection:

Or your half-chub or, under the worst of circumstances, your hard-on.

10. You often scare away girls you want to get to know better:

The consequences are painful and sudden.

11. And number 2 hygge is always completely out of the question:

Unless, of course, you found that unicorn who loves a big dick in the butt.

12. But: Ultimately, you are very proud of it and drag lots of ladies because of your log penis:

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