10 proof that your 40th birthday is unfortunately the beginning of the end. That’s just the way it is.

Yes, life is going to end…

The vast majority of people know that the day you round 40, most things go down. The hope of a wonderful career and the perfect trophy is gone and you don’t have a day where you don’t feel a kind of pain you’ve never felt before. These are some of the signs that you are over 40 years old and heading for the precipice:

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1. More often sick and aching:
Not a day without you waking up in indefinable pain. Your immune system is simply about to take the evening. Slowly but surely:

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2. Worse and worse drunken
The day after that in the 20s and 30s was a quiet and cozy day with a pizza and film on the couch. After the age of 40, it is no longer the “day thereafter”, but the DAYS thereafter. Never have you had it worse:

3. Going to change your life
The famous 40-year crisis is not utopia. The urge to live out your teenage dreams will be great and you will experience a lot in no time. After all, you’ll be done soon:

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4. Morbidly concerned with exercise and diet
You’ve never cared before, but now it’s really going to be taken hold! Exercise, vegetables and mountain walks are all that’s in your head:

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5. Grey hair!!!!
The great horror and terrible nightmare you’ve always thought of is now a reality. You get gray hair:

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6. Visible and more wrinkles
You try to ignore it, but you see them more clearly and more clearly every day. The wrinkles take over your face. You look worse and worse with each passing day:

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7. The penis starts working towards you
For men, the 40 years is the time where you still want to, but don’t always get it right anymore. The times you make it, it’s a little slushy and fast. Yes, yes… as it has become:

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8. Menopause (Girls only)
Many girls think menopause starts in their 50s, but it’s in full swing the day after the age of 40. Irritation, mood swings and much more nonsense characterize your everyday life from now on:

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9. Gravity comes and takes you
The 40s are the time when all body parts give in to gravity. Tits and testicles are at full speed down towards your kneecaps:

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10. Weekly doctor visits:
After the age of 40, doctor visits become part of everyday life. Bullets should be checked, doctors are going into your ass and your breasts should be checked thoroughly

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So in other words. If you’ve rounded up 40 years, it’s time to set up your will, buy warm slippers and go back to reading the paper where there are crosswords. Yes, it was fun as long as it lasted… life in other words

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