WOULD IMPRESS GIRLS: Geir fainted on the beach after keeping his stomach inside for 3 hours

Geir Mensrud Blodtangen from Voss is single and experiences the beach as a great place to meet girls. “Because the girls are almost naked, you don’t have to wonder what their body is like” says Geir. After many hours on the beach where he would impress girls by keeping his stomach in, it became too much. Geir passed out in front of hundreds of beach guests

Has a big belly
Geir, who is about to turn 40, is not 100 per cent satisfied with his body. That’s why he spends a lot of energy pulling in his stomach when he meets girls he’d like to sleep with.”Yes it looks better if I do not breathe normally and release my stomach. It has become great after many years of burgers, french fries and not least beer” he says. After chatting and wandering around the beach for hours while pulling his stomach, he fell about in front of a bunch of girls. “Embarrassing”says Geir himself

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Had to let out your stomach: When Geir passed out, he had to let out his big belly. “A lot of girls laughed and pointed at him when he passed out” tells a witness with a perfectly decent stomach

Common in boys
Doctor and wet room expert Gunnar Grav Grøtte from Grorud says that summer is high season for men who pass out as a result of pulling their stomachs in front of girls. “Yes we get daily men with a little too big a vom here at the emergency room”he says. He can further tell that he himself is single and that he does not have a big stomach. “No those who have a big stomach are losers. I’m not a loser. I’m a doctor and I have a well-trained body so here the girls can enjoy themselves with a well-trained doctor in bed. In addition, I am also a wet room expert” he says while he smiles extra to show his newly bleached teeth

Have you experienced anything like it? Have you passed out on the beach? Ha?!

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