Top blogger Hege Boobsud from Kløfta believes people need to get better at wearing seat belts!

“Important with seat belts” says Hege!

Hege Breastud from Kløfta now wants to come forward as a role model for girls and boys all over the world. “I see several times that both boys and girls do not wear seat belts” she says and continues; “If you don’t wear a seat belt you can get injured if you crash at 120 km/h on the highway for example,”she says concerned.

Always wear seat belts
Hege, who works as a blogger, has over the past 2 months had over 13 readers EVERY DAY on his blog. “I see that as I am a well-known blogger I can be perceived as a great role model and then it is important that I make sure that my readers and fans wear seat belts”says the reflected blogger. Hege has always been concerned with safety when it comes to vehicles. “I’ve always worn a flotation vest too even though there haven’t been waves at all,”she says.

Pin on Breast decision

Stupid not to wear a seat belt: Hege says she gets angry every time she sees such pictures as this where girls don’t wear seat belts. “Assholes” she says

Relatert bilde

Getting angry: “When I see pictures like this I get angry and feel like cutting off their heads” says Hege

Hoping to start a trend
Hege now hopes that by emerging as an advocate for people wearing seat belts she can create a trend. “I hope that anyone who is considering blowing a seat belt remembers me and for that reason wears a seat belt anyway,” says Hege. She also hopes that many people can read her blog and tap the ads on the page so she can keep life in the nationwide campaign. “If all 13 people who visit the blog every day print the ads then I make a lot of money and can blog the rest of my life and look after the seat belt “quits the gorgeous and professional blogger.

Will be safer to drive:When you wear a seat belt, it gets better when you crash,” says the reflected blogger Hege Boobsud from Kløfta. Now she hopes everyone will wear seat belts regardless of whether they don’t want to wear a seat belt

What do you mean? Do you think seat belts are unfair or that it’s a good idea to wear a little?

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