Tom-Roar (52 years) rode nearly 40 miles, but did NO likes get on Facebook?

“Strange” says Tom Roar!

Tom-Roar Bjørkebotten from Indre Billefjord experienced cycling for many hours without getting one one of the same on Facebook. “I have equipment for over 45 000 kroner and have spent a lot of time on this. Therefore, it hurts extra when the whole trip is wasted” says the distraught father of two children.

Cycled alone for 40 miles
Tom-Roar cycled for several hours and updated his Facebook status seven times during the trip. “I had a good feeling when I rode that such an extensive trip would give okay much with likes” explains Tom-Roar. The shock was therefore great when he came home and saw that he had managed the master piece to ride for many hours with pig-expensive equipment without getting one equal. “Pathetic”says Tom-Roar himself!

Image caption Funny man on bicycle

Helmet for over 1500 nok: The helmet alone cost over 1500 kroner, Tom-Roar can tell. He rode 40 miles without getting a single one on Facebook. “Disappointing and hurtful” says Tom-Roar himself.

Wasted ride, give up cycling!
After the insane episode, Tom-Roar is now considering cutting out his cycling and spending some of his free time with his children. “I’ve checked some statistics and see that pictures of the kids give the most likes so I think it’ll probably be a trip to Tusenfryd during the week in any case”says the sympathetic but very frustrated man. “I’d rather take up the bike again if there’s a little more poppis left,” concludesTom-Roar.

Tom-Roar’s family wishes to remain anonymous, but say they generally think people should enjoy cycling trips as the one Tom-Roar has carried out.

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