THE LATEST: Police are warning Jesus to return to Earth this year. “Yes, it’s right in quarantine” says police lawyer

It’s new times. Easter has barely got underway and many Christians hope, even this year, that Jesus suddenly returns to the field and retrieves his. “Completely out of the question that Jesus gathers His disciples. The rules are for all” says responsible police lawyer Solveig Boll Vold to eAvisa

Must be quarantined
As a result of the strict rules associated with the Corona outbreak, Jesus will probably get a real surprise if he decides to return this year. “Yes then must be right in quarantine,” says the police lawyer who says they will treat Jesus in the same way as everyone else. “Yes here it is dugnad and it must also Jesus be a part of” he says

Sin says church
The church, on the other hand, is not particularly impressed by the police’s handling of a possible return from heaven. “Honestly, if the son of God, Jesus chooses to come with his salvation we must then be able to give him some special treatment”says priest Vidgun Gnurebukk. “No, no and again no”replies the police lawyer via his home office. He’s clearly annoyed. He’s got a cabin.

So that’s the way it is. Right in quarantine with Jesus and no more than max 3 people

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