Woman thinks she has a male friend. The man thinks he’ll soon getting laid

A woman in her 20s is sure that the man she refers to as a friend is a friend. She has no idea that the man she thinks is her friend is really just looking forward to the day they’re going to sleep together. In the man’s head they are about to become girlfriends while the woman thinks they are just friends

Gives it 2 months
eAvisa has spoken to the man who says that he and the woman have been “messing for a while” without any physical action. “Yes there’s something in the air, we’re probably both reasonably ready, but we’ll give it some time. Max 2 months” says the man who in no way realizes that women are many many divisions above him in terms of appearance, personality and absolutely everything else

The woman is in love
When eAvisa talks to the woman, she gives a very different story; “I’ll take some care of him. He’s like a brother to me. I think he might be gay, but he hasn’t dared to tell me yet. I’m sure he’ll say it eventually. says the woman who is really in love with a real badboy named Lars-Ivan and rides a motorcycle without a helmet. “He’s very tough,” says the woman

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