Seagull delights in a new summer in which he’s going to poop people in the head for fun

It’s not long until now. Now it’s just before the season is underway.” the 4-year-old gull who is located around the beaches of the Oslo fjord smiles. He and his family are looking forward to a summer where they compete for who in the family manages to meet as many people as possible with poop

The forehead is the main goal
The seagull tells me that his family has long traditions when it comes to shitting people down. “Since the early 1950s, my family has been known in the seagull environment for being some real shitbirds”laughing seagulls who have a lot of humour. “We aim at the forehead so that when we hit then drain our poop down the forehead and we are lucky then it flows a little into the eye or mouth”he says

Never feel
The seagull, which is called Axel, says that it is perfectly normal to do this during the summer months in Norway. “Yes this is not uncommon. Next to eating fish, that’s pretty much what we seagulls do. Sometimes we sleep, but it’s reasonably boring.” he says. He points out that there are no seagulls who feel guilty; “No, on the contrary. When we hit, it rolls a really good feeling throughout our body” he smiles

The seagull won’t say where he thinks it’s best to poop people in the face, but hints that Bærum is a nice place to shit people in the face for no reason whatsoever…

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