RESEARCH: Norwegian men thrive best in the bathroom. Alone. Sitting. With your phone

The State Center for Interpersonal Relations has this week researched where men in Norway thrive best. The result is indisputable. A whopping 103% of the men who took part in the large study chose the toilet as their favourite place as long as they brought their mobile

Don’t even have to go to the bathroom
There are several surprising elements in this study. “We see that Norwegian men spend a lot of time in the toilet. Family fathers in particular stand out. They can sit in the toilet several hours a day even if they don’t even have to go to the bathroom” says researcher Hans Bolle Kanel to eAvisa.

Women hurry up
At the opposite end of the scale we find Norwegian women. The study shows that Norwegian women spend the least amount of time of all women in the world in the toilet. “The average for Norwegian women is 3 minutes toilet time a day. It’s strangely fast and we suspect that many women are sloppy with hand hygiene after do-visits” says the scientist. He thinks Norwegian women appear to be unaccompanied. “Yes I actually think” concludes the researcher who has received several awards associated with his work as a researcher

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