RESEARCH: Men who fall asleep on the couch are often amazing lovers

The State Center for Interpersonal Relations has researched the connection between falling asleep on the couch and being a god in bed. The conclusion is clear; The more often a man falls asleep on the couch in the early evening the better he is in bed

Head and cohabitation expert Roy Råtass Gladvold tells eAvisa that the research is extensive. “We have asked and followed over 20 000 Norwegian men for over 13 years. All results show the same; The more you lie drowsy on the couch the better you perform when it comes to fun time with your wife” smiles Roy who himself falls asleep several times a day on the couch

Training people worst
At the opposite end of the scale we find the weird people”says Roy. “These are men who right after work are going to jog or even worse ride,”he says as he shakes his head. “According to the extensive study, men who jog or ride a lot are not only bad at jazzing in bed, but they are also jerks,” says Roy, who has neither sneakers nor a bike. “I’m wearing a bike helmet, but it’s because of something completely different, but I don’t want to talk about that,” concludes the renowned scientist

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