Lise has spent four weeks in quarantine. I think it’s okay. “There’s a lot to do” she says.

Lise Basketak Vold has been quarantined since late March. Not because of Corona, but because of something completely different. Lise won’t say what, but still wants to show that life in quarantine is by no means difficult and has sent a series of pictures to show she’s doing well

Really strange self portrait.
Even after 3 in quarantine, Lise managed to make two salami slices appear as glasses. “I rehearsed this for 2 days and on day 3 it sat like a shot” smiles Lise
Really strange self portrait.
To make the days go by, Lise does a lot of fun things. “I find things in my apartment and do things with those that I otherwise haven’t thought about before” says Lise, showing one of the tricks she’s learned over the past week
Really strange self portrait.
It’s pretty amazing how much you can do that you don’t think about until you’re trapped in your 32-square-metre apartment. Great fun really” says Lise
Really strange self portrait.
This trick managed Lise after just 4 hours of training. She also has balloons that are red, she says
Really strange self portrait.
The best trick is also the hardest. Lise now manages to balance a dog leg between her nose and upper lip. Lise doesn’t have her.

Then we hope you all got some inspiration. It is actually possible to preserve your composure even if you stay quarantined for many weeks. It’s Lise a living example of.

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