LATEST: Odd-Ivan Gladvold (41 years) has no trouble not squeezing or avoiding contact with people

Many of us miss close contact and pleasant social gatherings in these times. Odd-Ivan Gladvold from Tveita, on the other hand, does not see problems. “People need to stop gnamming about hugging and social coziness. It’s no problem not to hug. Oh, my God” he says

Never hugs
Odd-Ivan works as a self-employed person. He has daily contact with people in his job, but never hugs. “No, faan, I’m not hugging people, why should I hug? I have far more important things to do than waste bodily close contact on hugging” he says clearly annoyed. In fact, Odd-Ivan seems reasonably pissed off so eAvisa’s dispatchers are happy about the 3-meter rule

Give a
shit about Corona.
Although Odd-Ivan has learned that the world is in corona crisis, he is not afraid. “What the fa…. You ask me if I’m afraid! Ha?” he mills and continues; ” I’m not afraid of a virus, what are you trying to imply, that I’m a sissy, pussy or a little girl? Huh???” he screams. As this interview now seems dangerous, our dispatched man chooses and runs from Odd-Ivan. Odd-Ivan is running after. He has now clicked in earnest and the situation is completely out of control

eAvisa will return with more information in the case as soon as our man is out of intensive care….

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