The 10 most important rules for how you as a woman should be

There’s usually a lot of fuss with women. There are a lot of weird feelings, they require a lot of attention and they often need the help of men to get through everyday life. Then maybe it’s okay with some basic advice and tips on how to be a woman.

  1. You should be thin. No man likes non-thin women. The easiest way to get thin is lots of exercise and the least amount of food:
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  2. Be good at cooking. Women who can’t cook are the worst thing men know! Ick!
    Women In Kitchen. Doing It Right by exw_psixologika - Meme Center
  3. Wear enough makeup so you’re pretty enough for the man. Certainly at night too. Women without makeup become like a house without paint. I’m not all right.
    13 things you'll know if you're someone who hasn't a notion about makeup
  4. Shave all hairy areas. This is important. Men want you to shave
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  5. Listen to men when it talks and do as they say. Many women do not listen well enough when men give the important advice
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  6. All women should have long hair. Those who do not have long hair most often struggle to get a man to like the
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  7. Be sexy. This is important. Women must always be sexy. In any case, if there are men present:
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  8. Don’t be mad. Research shows that men experience angry women as less attractive. Smile again, never be angry!
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  9. Don’t fuss about feelings all the time. Stop whining and nagging. Men say NO to fuss about feelings!
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  10. Say yes. Everyone but likes women who say yes. Women who say no are out!
    Saying Yes GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYThen we hope you learned a lot of girls. This article is written and developed in collaboration with the State Center for Interpersonal Relations Department of Women. Follow these 10 commandments and you will be happy pretty much all the time. That’s it!
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