BREAKING NEWS: Woman wasted all holiday on taking photos to Instagram

A woman from Oslo has had a full 4 week holiday. The woman who has 2 children and a man she does not like anymore has been very active on social media throughout the holidays. In fact, the woman’s Instagram account shows that she has posted an average of 4 photos every day throughout the holidays

Don’t remember much of your holiday
The woman tells eAvisa that she is not particularly happy with the holiday, but that she is very happy with all the pictures she got taken. “I don’t remember much of this holiday really. I sat largely and edited photos, took pictures and posted pictures with funny comments so the holiday itself kind of disappeared.” says the woman

Should have had more likes
The woman says she’s just a little happy with the result. “Yes I thought the number of likes was a little disappointing really. I posted pictures from Lofoten, Besseggen and Gjøvik, but it never rounded over 50 likes. It’s disappointing. Actually,.” says the woman before she erupts into tears. The woman’s children stand still and watch.

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