BREAKING NEWS: The more important work you have for society the less you’re going to earn. “Yes, that’s the rules” says capitalism

There are a lot of nurses and auxiliary nurses out there who these days are putting their lives on the line to help others who are sick. In spite of this, it is not possible to pay higher wages to these individuals with so-called cooperative jobs

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eAvisa has spoken to Capitalism and been told that neither nurses, auxiliary nurses nor other low-paid occupational groups can be better paid. “We thought we were done with this. The rules are as they are. It simply does not pay nurses or other vital occupational groups any more” says Capitalism

Moreover, Capitalism says that this is nothing new after all. “No, we’ve had it for many years,” it says. “Those who chose to become nurses knew they were getting paid poorly. If they wanted money, they would become stockbrokers, hotel-owner or politician“ends capitalism that is now getting annoyed.” Go and clap a little for them, they like” milling capitalism

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