BREAKING NEWS: People more eager to walk than dogs. Dogs are tired of walking. Can’t take it anymore.

In recent weeks, Norwegians and the rest of the world have been more or less forced to sit in with arn, cohabitant and, at worst, several family members. Now extensive research shows that humans are now far more eager to walk than dogs are.

The dogs
are sick and tired.
Several dogs a dog talker has talked to say they’re sick of going for walks. A Labrador says that in recent days he has been on air trips 4 times a day. “First, mom wants to go for a walk. Then there’s Dad, then mom has to get out again and finally mom suddenly takes out. I’m completely exhausted. says it

Delicious with lots of trips
A man who or is never particularly keen to go for walks is suddenly very keen. “Yes I go for walks 3-4 times a day, a little depending on the mood of the bitch I live with, but mostly I have to go out 3-4 times a day”he says. He goes on to state that he had never thought that his partner’s for 13 years could be so annoying. “Cruel lady”he says and shakes his head

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