BREAKING NEWS: Norwegian Thea became the first 4-year-old in history to graduate from sommelier

Of course we’re proud, this is huge. Now Thea will be able to get home so she can sleep out the rapture after a long and demanding exam” says the mother of little Thea Alinora after Thea completed and passed the difficult exam to become a sommelier. This makes the wine-interested girl become the first 4-year-old to become a sommelier

Early wine-interested
Thea’s mother says Thata has always been interested in wine and especially red wine. “Me and Thea’s stepfather number 2 have always drunk a lot and then it became natural that Thea got to taste wine almost on a daily basis. Thus she quickly became accustomed to the taste and quickly learned the difference between animals and affordable wine. The expensive wine was always around the 20 a month because then we got social security” smiles the mother who hopes Thea continues to develop her taste buds

Is legal as long as she competes
Some will probably react to Thea being only 4 years old, but it is fully legal to drink wine if it is in a competitive event” says sommelier and wine expert Sigmund Vinstad from Vindern. He has been given the job as Thea’s mentor and will drink hundreds of litres of wine with Thea over the next few months. “Exercise makes master” concludes the proud mentor

Do you think 4-year-olds should be able to drink wine even if it’s only in competitions or at training?

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