BREAKING NEWS: First wolf sheep are observed in Norway. “This can change everything” says expert

“Incredible sight” says hiker

For the first time, a wolf sheep has been observed in Norway. The animal is observed several times in Hedmark standing on a promontory and looking out over the forest land. A hiker was yesterday taken a picture of the special animal. “A special experience” says hiker Frøydis Frøtt Frattmoen from Hamar

Wolf lying with sheep
It’s not the first time a sheep has given birth to a wolf sheep. In Russia, dozens of wolf sheep have been observed after wolves have initiated a “love affair” with sheep. Wolf expert Roy Rotsaker Hansen says that wolves often initiate love relationships with sheep that they should initially eat. “Yes we see that wolves often decide that love is more important than food when they encounter a sheep they think is cute”he informs. He thinks we’ll see a lot of wolf sheep going forward around the Norway. “Yes now there are over 48,000 wolves in Norway so this is going to be more common and more common”he says

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Cute, but dangerous? There is a lot of doubt about whether the wolf sheep in Hedmark are kind or dangerous. “No one has dared to seek out the animal yet. We know that ordinary wolves are life-threatening to humans so we are of course afraid,” says one farmer

Farmer is confused
Another problem is how the wolf sheep should be treated. Belongs to the flock of sheep and thus the farmer or should it be put out into the wild along with other wolves. “These are questions we are now considering and we have set up a separate assessment committee to assess what we are doing with the animal”says a random passer-by from Gjøvik. You can read more about Gjøvik here.

What do you mean, do you think wolf sheep are becoming common to see in Norway?

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