ANNOYING situations only very attractive girls recognize themselves in

Do you recognize yourself?

Most people think that the extremely attractive and charming people have a simple everyday life. This is not true! We have talked to a number of the most popular and sexy people and gained a very understanding of their challenges in everyday life. If you recognize these challenges, you are most likely very sexy:

1. You can never go out without constantly getting away men and checking you out:

2. The reflection of your gorgeous face and body constantly disturbs you:

3. When non-sexy men think they have a chance at you:

4. Daily encounters with jealousy from the non-sexy:

18 Times Girls Got Caught Looking Jealous - Funny Gallery

5. Your non-sexy girlfriends think you can arrange a sexy boyfriend for them even if they’re not as sexy as you:

6. You must always find new ways to decline when non-attractive people constantly ask for a date:

7. You always think “Hope he realizes that I am more than just a beautiful face?”:

8. When you are so beautiful, it is quickly done to fall in love with yourself. It releases the non-beautiful:

10. Extremely many friend requests every day just because you are sexy. Tiring:

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