8 revealing and sure signs that your boyfriend is cheating

Infidelity is easy to reveal

Eavisa has been working diligently to find the most clear signs of boyfriends lying with others other than her boyfriend. Several of our most skilled special journalists have been working for days and weeks to be able to tell you who are reading which safe signs to look for with your partner. We can therefore now present 8 secure evidence. 100% of all who are unfaithful have one of these signs:

1. Does your girlfriend drink water? In our survey it turned out that 100% of those who were unfaithful drank water:

2. Smile your girlfriend a little too much. 97% of all the cheating men in our test smiled a lot:

Bilderesultat for man laughing gifs

3. Does your girlfriend listen to music and preferably metal? Yes, he or she is most likely unfaithful and sleeps with lots of other people almost all the time:

4. Is your girlfriend very fond of cakes? Cake-eating is the clearest sign of widespread infidelity… according to our analyses, tests and surveys:

5. Does your girlfriend work with a keyboard? 92% of all cheating men work with keyboards. So if your girlfriend works with a keyboard, in other words, there’s a 92% chance that he’s cheating and lies with someone who’s insanely much better and prettier than you:

Bilderesultat for man working gifs

6. One of the safest signs that your girlfriend is cheating is whether he or she is exercising. All girlfriends who train are cheating. Why is he training? At least it’s not for you!:

Bilderesultat for funny at the gym gifs

7. Has your boyfriend at one point had BOTH a mother and father? Over 99% of all cheating in the test had at one point both a mother and father. Coincidence? Yes right!:

8. Does your boyfriend say he/she appreciates you, likes you or loves you? Are you one of those people who believes in it???! We can guarantee 100% sure that your girlfriend is then extremely unfaithful. Maybe even cheating on your sister!

If your girlfriend does one or two of these things, we can say with certainty that your partner is a lying and unfaithful boyfriend. If your girlfriend has over 2 of these characters, your boyfriend is likely to have measles or eyebrows! If you want to look for new girlfriend we have some good suggestions in this case with single girls chasing dreammen!

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