19 horrible tattoos you never thought existed, but sure, they do…

Many of us think tattoos are both stylish, beautiful and cool. They usually are, too, but these tattoos are probably neither stylish nor beautiful…

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1. A real charmer you can be proud to take home to your dad?’

The 31 Worst Tattoo Fails Of All-Time (#6 Is Absolutely Mind...

2. When you love red onions so much that you tattoo it … Ehhh… under the arm…?

Bad Tattoos: 12 of the Worst Regrets | Weird Tattoos, Horrible ...

3. Spider tattoo is one thing, but in the middle of the face?

Post the worst tattoo ever... - 9GAG

4. It will be hard to find a good reason why you should pay for this…

Just Tattoo Of Us fans shocked after show reveals 'worst tattoo...

5. In pursuit of the world’s worst tattoo, this one comes up very high on the list

15 Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever - Tattoo Blog

6. A beautiful bouquet on a shaved head. Best idea ever:

Worst Tattoos Ever Video | Sick Tattoos Blog and News Site about ...

7. Well said…. Or…. Atte… It… Was?

10 of the Worst Tattoo Fails of All Time...#8 is just TOO GOOD! | Gidly -

8. Surely one who is Star Wars interested yes:

The 13 worst Star Wars tattoos in the galaxy

9. Impossible to understand what she/he is smiling for after taking this tattoo:

25 of the Worst Tattoos Ever to Make You Rethink Your Next One...

10. When you’re really a cute girl but find out you won’t be cute anymore:

Pictures : Worst Tattoo Designs Ever - Dumb Face Tattoo

11. Beautiful, stylish and freshly cute:

16 of the world's worst facial tattoos you never thought existed

12th Get a tattoo they said… Gets Cool So They…

These Are the Most Regrettable Face Tattoos of All Time (With ...


25 Worst And Dumbest Tattoos

14. When you just love cats:

Top 25 Worst Tattoo Examples (Photo Gallery)

15. Works of art?

16th Hello Kitty… Nice!

Photos: More worst tattoos ever

17. Probably good at bottom….

Worst tattoos EVER from graphic sex scenes to racist facial ...

18. Maybe the best Batman tattoo ever:

15 Worst Ever Batman Tattoo Fails

19. Big Metallica fan there:

25 More of the Worst Tattoo Fails You Will Ever See - Obsev

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