18 sick selfies that should NEVER have been taken.

The vast majority of us take a few selfies up to several times a week. Some, on the other hand, like these, should never have been near a phone:

1. Happy and happy at funeral:

13 Personas que se tomaron una selfie en el momento menos indicado

2. When you thought there were two in the picture, but then suddenly you find out that it was 3:

Spider Photo-Bombs A Selfie

3. When the dog really wants to get in, but you’re really busy:

Even This Dog Is Sick Of Her Selfies

4. Mom’s big boy:

Mama's Big Boy

5. Yes, it was a flash shot there….

Probably The Best Photobomb Of All Time

6. When you should REALLY clean the shower before posting picture:

You Could Have Left Something In The Shower

7. Uff then, here was a little more in the picture than one had needed:

So Happy With My New Hair

8. When the little brother wants to be in the picture:

Little Brother Fail

9. The size has no meaning say they….

This Sneaky Shadow

10. When mirror image…. yes you see:

Mirror Reflection

11th No a. Cut it out. Stop it!

Just A Quick Selfie Before I Start My Day

12. Selfie with a virtuous touch:

Went To Take A Selfie With The Dogs And...

13. Selfie with grandma:

Selfie With Grandma

14. When your daughter drowns in the bath, but you are busy:

Bae Caught Me Slippin'

15. Make sure mom looks great little friend:

Make Mommy Look Sexy, Sweetie

16. We’re pregnant-selfie:

Watch: Brad Paisley curates fans' worst selfies for 'Selfie...

17th Yes yes, it can happen to anyone:

11 Reasons Why You Should Check the Background – Page 3 ...

18. Photo of two VERY good girlfriends:

Check surroundings selfie |

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