10 dishes today’s drunken people possibly throw up

Was there a bit of alcohol yesterday?

As sure as the sun rises on a Sunday, it is also that a significant portion of the population of all ages wake up on Sundays with a feeling that they really could only DIE! In this context, there are certain dishes that will help against the drunken disease. Other foods, on the other hand, probably only make to exacerbate the already dirty form:

1. A little old lasagne with blue cheese?

2. A piece of sheep’s head. Elle smalahode as it is also called:

3. If you translate this then it will be?!

25 Of The Worst Food Product Names Ever

4. Sjømark can certainly speed up the system the day after:
Relatert bilde

5. Raw frog is a delicacy so just throw in:

6. A lovely chocolate souffle is fine then…

7. If you are abroad, you may be lucky to find some exciting canned food:

8. Maybe just eat some cake?

9. Or maybe just go to fast food where, among other things, this guy works:

10. The day after that one needs nutrition and locusts contain lots of proteins. Well come!

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